Transform Your Business With The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).

Boost Your Business Growth in 2023 with $15,000 in Funding.

The Government of Canada's "Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)" is allocating $4 billion in funding to support small and medium-sized businesses in their digital transformation journey.

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Achieving the full potential of the Canada Digital Adoption Program requires a team of advisors in digital transformation, change management, and technology integration.

You will be ensured meaningful results by partnering with Canada's leading digital specialists at ACT360. With their deep understanding of these crucial areas, your business will be set on the path to success in the digital realm.

Take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from their expertise and experience and get access to your funds as part of the Canada Digital Adoption Program.

Canada Digital Adoption Program Eligibility Requirements:

  • Incorporation as a federal or provincial company or a Canadian resident sole proprietor.
  • A privately owned, for-profit business.
  • Annual revenue of at least $500,000 in one of the past three tax years.
  • Employment as a small to medium-sized business with 1 to 499 full-time equivalent employees.
CDAP Eligible
Eligibility Assessment and Application Support

Eligibility Assessment and Application Support

Partner with ACT360 to determine your eligibility for the Boost Your Business Technology or Grow Your Business Online grant and which grant would bring the greatest benefits to your business. Benefit from their expertise and knowledge to ensure the success of your application and increase your chances of approval.
Current State Review & Analysis

Current State
Review & Analysis

Undertake a comprehensive examination of your current processes and technology, searching for potential risks that can be reduced and opportunities that can be seized with the aid of technology. After pinpointing these areas, your advisor will thoroughly evaluate different platforms and provide expert recommendations.
Strategic Roadmap


The expert team at ACT360 will utilize the collected information to formulate your personalized digital strategy, encompassing projected timelines, required resources, recommended technology platforms, and actionable guidance for your next steps.